3 Ways Learning to Code Teaches Life Skills

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1) Problem- Solving

Learning a programming language is much like learning another language. The way words and symbols are strung together have specific meaning in regards to whatever language is being spoken to. Whatever is receiving the message you’re trying to convey is applicable to humans and computers. When someone doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say in a spoken language, you may get the feeling of wanting to face-palm and say “How do you not understand?”, or “Am I not speaking English?”

It’s eerie how closely this relates to how developers think when they come across a bug in their code or the output of their code is far from what they expected. However, just as you may phrase a sentence differently to have another person grasp what you’re saying, a programmer must look at different ways to make their computer or application understand what they’re trying to say. This problem solving can translate to the classroom, conversations or really any kind of issue that needs to be solved.

2) Self- Sufficiency

Imagine being a contracted developer that primarily works from home. There are no teammates to rely on, the instructions you have are chicken-scratched by an executive that doesn’t know exactly how they want their project done,  and only they know exactly what they want it to do. You run into an obstacle where there isn’t a clear-cut or “best practice” way to add in one of the features requested. What now? There should never be a very appropriately-called “non-programmed” situation, or one where there is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of clarity in what procedure to use in a given situation.

With great power comes great responsibility, and while learning to program you will naturally learn better time management skills, reference-checking and have a stronger sense of personal responsibility and pride in your work. Your code becomes like a loved one, and it can be hard to rearrange or delete code that you worked so tirelessly on at times. However, through this process, you’ll remember mistakes you’ve made before and be able to correct them or avoid them before they become larger mistakes through practice and time.

3) Elasticity

There are almost endless ways programming helps you to learn how to learn. Through trial and a lot of error, your brain will start automatically making connections between certain keywords and phrases and how certain methods within programs should look. These little signals your brain shoots off will help when learning how to speak or write another verbal language. These same signals can serve as building blocks on your way to learning how to write and read code as well as any new skills that you may want to learn in the future.

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