Ads Management

Optimize your Ad Spend.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

In a perfect world your customers would practically fall over themselves because they are so eager to buy your product, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works. Most of the time your potential customers need to be shown the value of your service or product and chances are they aren’t stumbling across your URL by pure coincidence.

For a real winning package customers need to become aware of your brand whether it’s on social media or Google Ads. And of course, they need to be directed to where they can actually purchase or convert because without sales none of it matters. In the end they also need to be shown why they simply can’t keep going on without you and that my friend, is how you get repeat customers.

To do this, your company needs to make multiple appearances in front of your potential customers to target all five stages of the customer buying cycle: awareness, consideration, preference/intent, purchase and repurchase. You need to win their business and targeted ad campaigns are the way to do it. The more times you catch a potential customer’s eye the better.

PPC Management

Who remembers the days of the Yellow Pages? Shyly raises hand. Well, the Yellow Pages are dead and their funeral was in 2008. Sorry if you missed it, but nowadays those books are mostly used as paperweights. If we need to search for something we simply Google it which means that’s what a lot of your customers do too.

No other search engine sees the type of traffic Google does and there’s almost no better way to reach people looking for your product. No wonder there are so many paid search managers out there. But how many of them are really qualified?

With multiple Google Ads certified team members and years of experience, we’re familiar with the hoops you need to jump through to get a killer ads strategy going. We only believe in running planned, tactical campaigns and you’ll be sure to see results. As an added bonus, we don’t charge a margin on your ad spend which means your marketing dollars go exactly where you want them to, when you want them to.

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