Facebook Dying?

Have you heard that Facebook is dying?

Is Facebook Dying?

If you’ve been online in the last six months or so, you’ve probably seen or heard something about how Facebook is on it’s way out. With some of the recent scandals the social media giant has been involved in, a lot of people are already writing its eulogy.

“Here lies Facebook… I’ll never forget its incessant Farmville requests or how great it felt to have all of my mom’s friends comment on my selfie to tell me I’m pretty.”

The truth is Facebook is not dying and those game requests and comments aren’t going anywhere. Sure, social media is cyclical in some ways and there’s definitely been some movements in popularity, but Facebook remains the world’s third most-visited website.

It’s important to know when times are changing so we’re not all out here trying to be Don Draper in a Mark Zuckerberg world, but marketers and business owners have to be careful to not throw the baby out with the bath water. Facebook is still a valuable marketing tool.

In fact, 68% of Americans use Facebook and of those that do, an average of 58 minutes are spent on it daily. Chances are your customers fall in that percentage of people and if you’re not on Facebook you’re missing out on a chance to sell.

In Q4 2018, we helped a client to 5x their online sales almost entirely through Facebook Ads. With stats like that, how can people say that Facebook is dying? Especially when noting that e-commerce click-through rates have tripled in the last two years. There is still a ton of room for growth and profit on Facebook.

I’m sure people will continue to talk about how Facebook is going down the hole, but there’s plenty of stats that say that just isn’t true. Facebook is out here living the life that 2006 Myspace could only dream of, but are you taking advantage of it?

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